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The Stage 3 tune is designed to build on the requirements of the Stage 2 tune, adding a turbocharge that is larger than it left the factory with. This level of performance is intended for the serious enthusiast and is not for the timid. Increases of 75+ HP and 100+ ft.lbs of torque are not uncommon. Turbocharger selection becomes more critical at this level so feel free to ask questions if you have not yet upgraded your turbocharger. Each Stage includes three performance maps so you can pick and choose your power level from daily driver to track toy. Due to the wide range of models in the BMW F & G Series, power gains can range as high as 125 HP and 135 ft.lbs of torque without methanol injection. Feel free to email for specifics regarding your Series.

Various optimizations can also be requested to tailor the Stage 3 to fit your needs. Extra pops and burbles in the exhaust as well as a linear throttle response are available. Please include your requests when completing the Modification Checklist that can be downloaded when ordering.  Depending on Stage X Handheld applicability each Stage can include three performance maps so you can pick and choose your power level and the options you want activated.

NOTE: An oil catch can is highly recommended for all levels of tuning. See article Catch Can vs Detonation.


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