Free Tuning Updates

Posted by on Feb 23, 2023 in Updates |

Sometimes project builds can take far longer than expected. This can occur for many unexpected reasons such as a change in finances, family, health or work related travel. Here at Prototype-R, we offer free updates to tunes purchased for up to one year after the date of initial purchase. Make sure to keep this in mind when purchasing a tune and ideally wait to purchase your tune until you are putting the finishing touches on a build or after break-in.

Please note that these free updates are minor changes to the original tune purchased to increase reliability and/or performance. This also includes changes to throttle profiles as well as pop and burble to best suite or clients wishes/driving style. This does not include upgrades from one level of tune to another, nor is it intended to be used when upgrading a turbocharger, major engine component or switching to race fuel or methanol injection. Upgrades of this nature are considered a new tune and are offered at half the advertised price of the tune level being upgraded to.