X Series Turbochargers

We have developed a K04 hybrid turbo upgrade for the Rxx Mini Cooper S, JCW and GP2. Our design team had one clear goal in mind. “Produce the most powerful K04 hybrid the Mini Cooper has ever seen.” The result of these efforts is the X51 which flows more air than a GTX 2863 but spools faster. In addition, the X51 is easily capable of supporting in excess of 400HP.

Big numbers are great but mean nothing if response time isn’t excellent. Whats makes the Mini fun is its snappy response. Large heavy wheels are a hindrance to response time so the X51 feature a compressor wheel that weighs only 8 grams more than the stock Mini Cooper S compressor wheel. For those that want even more rapid response we offer the X50 turbo. The X50 still flows enough to make 370HP but hits boost targets much sooner.

While getting more air into your engine is important, so is getting it out, and as efficiently as possible. To that end the our turbos are the only K04 hybrids on the Mini Cooper that use a custom 9 bladed turbine wheel. Reducing the number of blades from 11 to 9 reduces back pressure allowing the engine to breath more freely and produce more horsepower. The reduction in blade count also results in a reduction in weight further reducing spool time.

Each X51 is built from a brand new Borg Warner Mini Cooper turbo so you know your getting quality. You also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your X51 comes with a two year, 20,000 mile warranty. X51’s sold for motorsport use are limited to a warranty period of one year. In addition, each unit is shipped configured to retain complete ECU control of the turbo just like the factory turbo. The only modification necessary involves replacement of the factory inlet tube. For those that do prefer an electronic boost controller each unit is shipped with a boost pressure port already installed.